Customs officers' retirement pensions

26/11/2012 20:15

We closely monitor and observe the situation around retirement pension, as it touches us intimately and bring some insights on this issue with a loose-fitting called "behind the fence." Fundamental changes in the social system, which will affect the customs officers in pensions today 26/11/2012 introduce interior minister and defense minister at a press conference. Significant changes will include presentation of the proposal by extending the period of entitlement to retirement pension from 15 to 25 years, an increase of contributions from 4 to 7%, and 2% will apply to active duty members, and 1% of the employer shall be entitled to severance payments to extended from 5 to 13 years. Another important change is to a retirement pension indexation to pension from 1st may 2013 year equal footing with indexation adjustment for civilian pensions, except that indexing is differentiated according to seniority before retirement. It is undisputed that common sense prevailed, but Finance Minister Kažimír the same time acted as if the resort had an armed corps - Customs officers in the structure of the Financial administrative. Addressed himself to the tense situation has not contributed, thanks to him and his attitude escalated tensions with the traumatising effects on all semi-annual Retirement pensioners and members of the armed forces on active duty with the threat of a levy or tax Retirement pension. It is understandable that they try every way to guard the 3% - ing GDP deficit for 2013, but in this case showed that he was willing to go through the corpses family. Retirement pensioners in customs administration, and it is within the scope of his department faithfully fulfill the roles and chosen for the state half of its income (50% customs and 50% of the tax administration). "Rewarded" by customs officials in pensions should be taxing pensions indexation stop and God knows what else had melted Minister of Finance Kažimír. Opinion on this practice and approach leaves the plane of poetic questions.