SAD printing on plain paper

19/11/2012 14:08

Legislative changes resulting from EU Customs rules allow SAD printing documents on plain paper and, EVS in practice this option is not used due to the fact that technically is not solved yet printing suppliers authorized customs software. Currently, no printing on plain paper and maybe the latest version of SAD Win - 2012.2a version already allows a feasibility report on the agreement and approval of the Financial Directorate.

SAD printing documents on plain paper from the wording of Annex 37
Regulation implementing the Customs Code No. 2454/93, we quote:

"If the customs declaration for the goods under a customs procedure for re-export or documents certifying that the goods are not moving under the internal Community transit procedure, the status of the Community, in accordance with Article 205 (3) of this Regulation drawn on plain paper with official or private data processing system, the format of these documents or statements must fulfill all the conditions laid down in the Code or in the regulations, including those relating to the back of the form (with copies to be used under the Community transit), except:
- The color to be used for printing,
- The use of italics,
- Print background paragraphs reserved for the Community transit. '

Please note that when printing on plain paper is required to print all 3 pages of the document SAD alone. The program provides several options for printing.