Application VAT

04/10/2016 06:47

The Financial Administration Slovak republic published 3rd October 2016 guidance on case of application of value added tax to taxable transactions that constitute a single composite supply or several distinct supplies, in the context of decisions by the Court of Justice of  the European Union when certain activities consist of multiple services, the question arises whether does this activity be regarded as a single transaction with a single tax base or as several individual and independent supplies to be considered separately. This question has important implications in terms of territorial jurisdiction, hence determining the place of taxation but also in terms of the correct application of tax rates or tax exemptions. If the service is assessed as a whole, it is doubtful that the performance of the main and the side. Given the problems that arise in this regard in the application of value added tax, we highlight some of the cases dealt with in this area, the Court of Justice of the European Union. The full text can be found HERE.