Tax audit

Client provides an overview of the system reserves. Identify potential risk, the client gets the time and cost savings. Streamline your internal processes. After tax audit procedure and recommends implementation of measures. This eliminates the risk, which could lead to violation of tax laws. You get a reliable sense of security and no control of the tax authorities will not surprise you, because you are ready. Detection of fiscal supervision by the tax associated with unpleasant consequences in the form of penalties for violation of tax laws.

Prerequisite for the successful implementation of a tax audit is:

  • effective interaction of the organizational units and persons client,
  • provide relevant information and documents,
  • Initial analysis of the current state,
  • actual implementation audit - local investigation, negotiations with representatives of the client,
  • discuss the interim results of the audit with the responsible person of the client,
  • presentation of the findings of a tax audit client's management company, along with the elimination of risk and quantifying the savings.