Internal education for clients

The importance of effective training and development of their staff is constantly on the rise. Competitive environment and the need to increase efficiency and reduce costs requires   reinforcing the importance of the role played by the business environment and the functioning of the company human potential, which is extremely important for the company.

Many companies resorting to training workers increasingly the internal form. It is highly specialized training in working team has several benefits:

  • effectively identify training needs of the client
  • fully customize the content of the training program needs firm
  • learning to focus precisely specified to
  • solution completely specific situations directly from the working environment of the client company
  • compiling content of the peace made ​​in accordance with the requirements of the client
  • choice of the most appropriate combination of topics, activities, and experts for the area
  • greater economic efficiency through corporate training education at a lower cost
  • adaptation of the place, time and action learning activities to the needs and requirements of the client
  • advantageous price for no group of 4 participants
  • permanent and contract clients without accounting for transport costs
  • individual teacher's approach
  • maximum willingness to address the specific requirements and needs of the client
  • consultation on the subject during and after training (personal, written, telephone)
  • possibility deal openly and consult Corporate Affairs
  • STRENGTHENING cooperation in the team

According to your requirements   assignment and realize corporate training through internal training courses, seminars or training on topics that we normally offered or will offer you prepare content and content according to your individual needs aa requirements and we will consult with you.  

BONUSES FOR CLIENTS: up to 50 km from Trnava excluding transport costs for a group of min. 4 participants.

The fourth participant from the same company for general workshop without paying registration fee.

Subscribers, who enter into a framework agreement for the training of personnel and guarantee INDIVIDUAL provide favorable conditions for the implementation of educational projects for the area: CUSTOMS and EXCISE TAXES PROBLEMS.

Our flexibility lies in adapting to the demands and needs of the client with respect to shift work, allowing the division of participants into several groups. This allows an individual approach and solution to the specific requirements and needs of the client at the time of the adjustment, procedure time (morning, afternoon), across multiple days and so on. All at no additional cost to conduct educational activities.

Under the corporate training we focus on interactive forms during that training that include case studies, model situations, placing examples of practical application, individual and team work within the challenges faced, and the written tests. Interactive form is conducted using video projection, so participants have the opportunity to follow the analysis of such a presentation to get feedback from the trainer and also from other colleagues. Training can be carried out at the headquarters of your company in the spot selected by your company, if you offer security venue for one-day or over several days training program.   .

After identifying your needs and requirements we will prepare a quotation for implementing learning activities, they will send. Customers are advised to choose the optimal number of participants for this kind of education is our experience of 6-12. We prefer quality education and achieve the desired effect before a disproportionate increase in the number of participants.

Our expert consultant in the bid price:   

  • consult content and focus of the training activity
  • consult time allocation (duration of training)
  • identifies the form (paper, electronic) learning materials, materials for participants
  • advice as to the time and location of the seminar (normally 9:00 to 15:00 h.), the absolute benefit of adaptation to client
  • identifies the parties - the list of names indicating occupation, name, surname, title
  • certificate of completion for the particular name of each participant
  • provide consultation during and after the seminar on the topic and related topics
  • evaluate feedback through satisfaction questionnaire
  • evaluate the participation of the participants, and the results of the objective of the educational activity

Offer specific training courses and training, see SEMINARS on