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You will get professional professional solutions for customs issues, excise duties, foreign trade and logistics. Benefits of optimization of EXTRA / INTRA Communitarian Foreign Trade and Corporate Logistics. A customs audit reveals reserves, identifies risks, optimizes the system. You gain control and effective process setup in the logistics system. Benefits of AEO status give you prestige and other benefits. You will become a reliable, proven and secure partner in the international logistics chain. Welcome the TOP companies in the EU market, get a reduced warranty for 50%, 30% up to 0%, reduce physical checks, accelerate delivery. Bonuses for you: knowledge of the environment, processes, procedures, customs regulations; we advise and provide solutions. We train staff: customs declarant course, customs seminars, excise seminars, INTRASTAT, INCOTERMS 2010. WE ARE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

Customs audit uncovered reserves. C & D Services provide a solution for you. AEO certification eliminates the risk adjusted processes, simplify customs procedures, status guarantees reliable and secure business partner. Customs issues, customs regulations, customs procedures is the domain of C & D Services. Experienced professionals willing to advise, consult, provide a solution. Rate customs broker, customs seminars, workshops for excise taxes, INTRASTAT, Incoterms 2010 and more.Customs and tax consultancy C & D
Nearest terms of seminars: 2.5. INTRASTAT-SK 2019; 7.5. Colné kontroly, kontroly po prepustení; 9.5. Kontrola exportu položiek s dvojakým použitím; 14.5. Práva a povinnosti deklaranta; 15.5. Zákon o spotrebnej dani z minerálneho oleja; 16.5. Pravidlá pôvodu-Level 3 - Dodávateľské vyhlásenia; 21.5. BREXIT & COLNÉ POSTUPY - Bratislava; 21.5. Incoterms 2010 - Trnava; 22.5. Zákon o spotrebnej dani z elektriny, uhlia, zemného plynu; 23.5. Colná problematika pre logistiku; 28.5. Medzinárodné zasielateľstvo a colná problematika; 29.5. Zákon o spotrebnej dani z tabakových výrobkov; 30.5. Schválený hospodársky subjekt - AEO Certifikácia

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e-Import course Kosice, Banska Bystrica

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Customs consulting CD ServicesCustoms and tax consultingRead about Customs and tax consulting C&D Services

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Customs and tax seminars C&D Services

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C & D Services, Ltd. ID: 46450548 undergone strict economic criteria and received the prestigious award in the form of a certified solvency. This award was able to get only 9% of companies in Slovakia that are trusted, reputable, stable and fulfill all their obligations. (Source: Bisnode Slovakia Ltd. and Economic news, 19/02/2015)


Standard VAT rate in EU

30/06/2016 12:55
The Council Regulation (EU) No. 2016/856 of 25 May 2016 amending Directive 2006/112 / EC on the common system of value...

Agricultural products to the CIS

30/06/2016 12:49
On 1st September 2016, the CIS will be compulsory to enter information about goods chapters 1-24 (food and agricultural...

Simplified procedures forms

30/06/2016 12:45
The Commission issued a change to Regulation 341 and issue additional new forms  of the May 11 2016: The request...

Add Import duties from USA

30/06/2016 12:34
Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/654 of 26 February 2016 amending Council Regulation (EC) No. 673/2005...

European Commission Report on the state of negotiations TTIP

30/06/2016 12:29
In April 27th 2016 The European Commission has published a report showing a detailed breakdown of progress in the...

Customs officers' retirement pensions

26/11/2012 20:15
We closely monitor and observe the situation around retirement pension, as it touches us intimately and bring some...

The amendment to the Customs Act

26/11/2012 20:10
Slovak Parliament will discuss the 6th 27/11/2012 Plenary meeting of the bill, which amends the Customs Act and in...

Administrative fees currently

23/11/2012 09:20
In the "FAQ" site we published our consolidated version of the tariff applicable administrative fees from 10/01/2012....
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Elektronická komunikácia po slovensky

11/04/2019 17:56
už ako sa vraví "Na Slovensku je to tak..." ...nuž a ako teda. Tak vlastná empirická skúsenosť môjho kolegu. Najrpv bol...

Koho podvody sa kryjú?

26/01/2019 18:31
Výňatok z osobitnej správy k dovozným postupom, ktorá obsahuje nedostatky v právnom rámci a neúčinné vykonávanie ovplyvňujú...

Ľudia z konca sveta...

20/01/2018 10:25
Utíchol silvestrovský rik a život sa pomaličky navrátil do obvyklých starostí každodenného života. Práve začiatkom roka som...

AEO / local taxes: one Union + one rules = differential treatment?

19/06/2016 19:35
    A definition of customs legislation is included in Article 5 (2) UCC. "Taxation rules" is to...
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