Simplified procedures

Simplified procedures of the CD Services Simplify and speed up your processes and to deliver shipments of goods to your customers. Makes authorization to use simplified procedures, optimize your system, minimizing costs associated with customs clearance for you, you will get the time and cost savings, run your logistics companies and will be smoother and more efficient.

Customs proceedings begin with the filing of the declaration. Submission declaration demonstrates the holder of the goods, for a release for the procedure.   

Customs procedures are generally carried out standard procedure in which the office of the declarant shall comply with all customs formalities. When goods are presented with the goods directly to the office, which is appropriate for entities that receive clearance before an occasional or very little.

Customs procedures simplified procedure whereby the office allow the exclusion of certain customs formalities. Simplified procedures consist in the fact that its holder is not dependent on office hours office, the goods can be passed during days off and holidays, and just outside the business hours of the customs office. In addition, the product may not be submitted to the office, the obligation to fulfill the notice of his presence. Customs office on the basis of the risk analysis may decide to check the shipment of goods. For many operators in logistics is inconceivable that they can serve their customers without the use of simplified procedures.

The holder has the advantage, on the other hand, the adequate accountability. It is very important that the person conducting the activities authorized to act in accordance with the permit terms and conditions specified therein, also regular staff training are essential in order to eliminate any risk and is responsible for the legal entity as the holder of the authorization to use simplified procedures.


On Common transit

at the beginning or end of the transit operations

  • Authorized sender
  • Authorized consignee


Import and export

Release of goods for import and export

  • LOCAL CLEARANCE - the most commonly used, the goods are placed is called. entry in the register.


Origin and ststus

In documenting as to the origin and ststus

  • Authorized exporter


Meaningful use of simplifications come if the entity is properly optimized and harmonized its customs procedures in logistics operations, depending on the type of supply chain in which it finds itself and the role it plays.


We make for your company

  • optimize your existing customs and logistics processes
  • set the correct use of procedures and their combination
  • we obtain for you the necessary permissions for the recommended procedures
  • accelerate the implementation of your logistics processes
  • serve more customers
  • equip more items in the same timeframe as the same number of staff


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