Customs audit as process and system optimization

Ensure optimization of your customs and logistics system and its proper functioning, thereby streamlining the implementation process correctly and on time.

  • harmonization of customs procedures, logistics systems,
  • correct application of customs procedures,
  • use a simplified setup procedures
  • optimization of customs procedures.


Customs audit for AEO certification

Allows you to gain a comparative advantage in Article secure logistic chain, gives you the image of a reliable and safe business partner has all its processes under control and entrusted goods in your possession is the best and safest hands during transport.

  • identification of the appropriate type for your company C, S, F,
  • verification and analysis of the company, finding reserves
  • assessment of compliance with the criteria,
  • recommendation to adopt corrective measures
  • from preparation to file an application with attachments and questionnaire
  • consulting and advisory services during the approval process.


Customs audit of origin

The origin of goods is a patchwork of rules for correct application will bring your business to trade off the Community significant benefits.

Why you lose where we can get for you?

  • analysis of the use of autonomous or contractual arrangements,
  • the preferential measures and their use,
  • identification of reserves and optimization,
  • recommendations of the measures taken,
  • will save you not only time but also money,
  • streamline and accelerate business processes and procedures.


Customs as a follow-up audit

Ensure legal protection against detrimental consequences of the findings reveal errors and reserve system in your business.

It is used to prevent negative consequences for the operation and management of your business, optimizing state and protects you from penalties and criminal consequences.

  • preventive disclosure of reserves and deformities in the procedures and documents
  • recommendations of the measures taken,
  • correction processes and identify weaknesses
  • optimization of processes and procedures prior to the customs authorities
  • We save you time and money,
  • avoid complications and financial sanctions.


Customs audit the customs value

Customs value is often the target of control activities, financial management and operators frequently erred in its application in practice.

You have correctly configured systems, know how, what and when properly accounted for in the customs value, when talking about the cost to do it, whether directly or indirectly enter? Do not get penalized for it, and even additionally, if you can have the control of this category.

  • identification methods,
  • analysis of the current state,
  • costs of entering the customs value
  • recommendation to adopt corrective measures
  • prevention findings follow-up.


Customs audit of the classification of goods

Optimize your own database of products and product components and to import, or export, you happen to be that once you financial report additionally charged duty and taxes back even a few years ago, if incorrectly declare the goods traded.

Do not take it lightly, customs regulations in this area are very strict and the consequences for management of your company may have to liquidation implications.

Avoid formation issues and incidents. Entrust optimize your database into our hands, skilled.

  • assessing the accuracy of classification in the CN
  • compliance and administrative codes used by CN
  • eliminates the risk of incorrect classification of goods
  • avoid the financial and criminal penalties,
  • optimization procedures for the classification of goods
  • update a database of goods and products.