Main services

We get permission for you

We get permission for you to use simplified procedures for import, export, transit. We get permission for you to use procedures with economic impact, for example. warehouse operation for finishing products and products under inward processing or processing under customs control, issuing documents for the establishment of goods or status of the goods.

Representation in proceedings

entrust your professional problems; do not worry, do not waste time and money if you do not; successfully represent you in dealings with the customs authorities; representation in customs offenses and offenders in court proceedings; defend your interests and provide you with legal protection.

Origin of goods and rules of origin

analysis of the use of autonomous or contractual arrangements; the preferential measures and their use; identification of reserves and optimization; recommendations of the measures taken; will save you not only time but also money; simplified and accelerate business processes and procedures.

Excise tax

complex issue of excise; tax on alcohol, beer, wine, tobacco products; tax on mineral oils, electricity, gas and coal; represent you in proceedings against the tax; provide the necessary registration; Prepare your fundamental changes in the excise duty from 1.1.2013; Set your system; eliminate risks and incidents.

Professional courses, training courses, seminars

realize seminar, course, or training for your staff, the general form - outdoor, internal - indoor, individual - individual or as external - for external purposes in accordance with the requirements of the clients, we offer professionalism, quality, reasonable price, flexibility, wide range of specialized themes and topics to obtain an overall view not only customs brokers, logistics personnel, but also for managers, choose from our selection

Application of customs law and tax legislation

customs legislation, structure and implementation; customs procedures and customs clearance, meaning, usage, course; rights and obligations of the parties; proper exercise of the right of appeal, unsuccessful argument; fulfillment of formalities and regulatory compliance - eliminating customs offenses and offenses.

Solutions to the prohibitions and restrictions

identification of restrictions and prohibitions for goods and products; fulfillment of the formalities required for non-tariff measures; exhaustively listed determination to optimize processes; develop an overview of reserves by identifying the processes and procedures; a proposal solutions with the introduction of their application in practice.

Full implementation of electronic communication

complex equipment of all formalities in connection with the communication means of e; deliver guaranteed and qualified electronic signature certificate from a certificate authority, to conclude an agreement on the use of e-signature guaranteed Fiscal aministration of the Slovak republic deliver authorized customs / tax software, install, configure and test the software and an electronic interface; train the operator to work with authorized software.

Customs clearance

operations at the start and during the customs clearance; exercise of the rights and proper fulfillment of obligations; timely and correct procedural steps and procedures; prevention of violation of customs regulations; correct application of the law in practice.

Customs Audit - Classification of goods

assessing the accuracy of classification in the CN; alignment used and the correct CN; eliminates the risk of incorrect classification of goods; avoid the financial and criminal penalties; optimization procedures for the classification of goods; update a database of goods and products.

Customs audit - subsequent checks

preventive disclosure of reserves and deformities in the procedures and documents; recommendations of the measures taken; correction processes and identify weaknesses; optimization of processes and procedures prior to the customs authorities; Save your time and money; avoid complications and financial sanctions.

Customs audit - customs value

identification methods used; analysis of the current situation; costs of entering the customs value; recommendations for the adoption of corrective measures; prevention findings subsequent chcecks.

Customs audit - system configuration

harmonization of customs procedures, logistics systems; correct application of customs procedures; setup and use simplified procedures; optimization of customs procedures.

Certification AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

identification of the appropriate type for your company C, S, F; verification and analysis of the company, finding reserves; assessment of performance criteria; recommendations for the adoption of corrective measures; from preparation to file an application with attachments and questionnaires; consulting and advisory services during the approval process.