International supply chain

International supply chain, responsible operators

AEO form CD Services International logistics chain is the process of manufacturing goods for export to the recipient or delivery of goods. buyer located outside the customs territory (or territories that are not part of the customs territory of the Community). International logistics chain is a series of ad hoc from the business sector. Sometimes known by all concerned operators and operate on the basis of long term contractual relationships, sometimes the bodies are changing and are a group that works for a single shipment.


Product Liability

  • ensure the safe and secure production process for its products
  • Secure and ensure the delivery of some of its products to customers


Exporter's responsibility

  • export statements for accuracy and for its timely submission, if it presents itself
  • from 1.7.2009 is responsible for the submission of the summary declaration
  • application formalities for export in accordance with customs regulations, including commercial policy measures and to apply for the export duty
  • ensure safe and security site after chránenje supplies carrier, shipper or customs agent


The responsibility of the consignor (shipper)

  • for the correct application of the rules in the performance of transport formalities
  • if necessary to ensure a safe and secure transportation of goods
  • for the application of the rules, if required in the summary declaration in accordance with the regulations


Responsibility storekeeper

  • ensure that the goods are not removed from customs supervision during storage in a warehouse, or temporary storage position
  • obligations arising from usjladnenia goods in accordance with the terms of the procedure "customs warehouse" or "temporary storage"
  • compliance with specific conditions in accordance with the authorization to use customs warehousing or temporary storage position
  • provide adequate protection against unauthorized access and handling of goods, in order to eliminate the confusion and unauthorized manipulations


Responsibility Customs deklarnata

  • For the correct application of customs legislation, in accordance with applicable law or specific rules for that type of representation for specific procedures, practices and processes
  • In indirect representation responsible for the accuracy or Customs summary declaration and timely submission of customs


Liability of the carrier

  • Ensure a secure and safe transportation of goods, mainly to prevent unauthorized access to the means of transport and goods and tampering with vehicles andtransporting goods
  • providing the necessary transport documentation
  • for the application formalities in accordance with customs regulations


The liability of the importer

  • determine the mode or customs-approved use for the goods to be submitted to the customs authorities, if not use indirect representation
  • for accuracy and timeliness of the filing of the declaration, if it presents itself
  • after 1.7.2009 for the correct application of the rules in submitting interim declarations upon entry
  • for application of the import customs formalities in accordance with customs regulations
  • ensuring a safe and secure receipt of goods, to prevent unauthorized access to goods and tampering


Safety requirements for business partners

At the conclusion of new agreements and contracts with other trading partners, with a view of the conditions for granting the status of authorized economic operator and at the same time in order to increase supply chain security, to include the security requirements into contractual relations (Safety Declaration).