AEO certification - authorized economic operator

AEO certification of Teh CD Services"One of the key elements of security changes to the Community Customs Code (Council Regulation (EC) no. 648/2005), is the conception AEO., Member States may grant AEO operators under Art. 5a safety standards that meet the criteria of the joint. compliance with customs regulations, maintain appropriate records, their solvency is satisfactory and meet the criteria and safety (if applying for a Type F or S). "

AEO status granted by a Member State is recognized by other EU Member States. Moreover, it also indicates that approval of contracts awarded by the partner outside the EU, who make a similar security programs (the program by the WCO SAFE).

Operators seeking TYPE C or TYPE F, allowing them to benefit from simplifications provided for under the customs rules if they meet the requirements for the award, the customs authorities have the actual applicant who holds the SHS does not control. In this case, only verifies that the conditions for granting itself a simplified procedure, which significantly simplifies the access of economic operators to use simplified procedures, reducing application administration to the minimum necessary.

Operators can apply for AEO, depending on its type

AEO type C

easier access to customs simplifications, it uses about 1/4 of all certified operators

AEO type S

comply with the new safety requirements, use it about less than 2% of all certified operators

AEO type F


so combined type 1) + 2), is used by about 3/4 of all certified entities. The combined model allows cardholders to benefit from the reduction of tariff reductions and increased security checks of consignments and goods in the supply chain to guarantee compliance with safe practices.

1 July 2009, operators must submit pre-arrival and sending information on goods entering or leaving the EU. Detailed provisions are set out in the Appendix (Commission Regulation (EC) no. 1875/2006) implementing provisions of the Community Customs Code (CCC). These provisions have been developed based on the experience of pilot projects implemented AEO in 2006. Commission Regulation (EC) no. 197/2010 provides for new period for AEO certificate (within 120 days of receipt of the application and the related possible extension of another 60 days if the situation called for). Such a case would, however, not if it was a very complicated case (such as multinational corporations, and the single permit.), or if the applicant is under-communicated in demonstrating compliance with the criteria.

Commission Regulation (EC) no. 1192/2008 unifies the rules for granting the AEO certificate as the simplification of customs formalities and introducing a single authorization for simplified procedures. Hold AEO status facilitates the process of achieving a single permit simplifications, where both the criteria for the award are met. Rules applicable to SHS ensure a harmonized implementation across the EU, ensure equal treatment of economic operators and transparency throughout the process of assessment and approval. Instructions SHS explained in the first part of the concept of AEO on the basis of the legislation. Druhá the Instructions contains a questionnaire, provides a checklist to help customs authorities and applicants in assessing the degree of compliance with the criteria for AEO.

Where to apply for AEO

Operators who wish to apply for AEO status on application to the authorized body, which is usually determined by the customs authorities in the country where he is established. The competent customs authority shall inform all Member States, while EU customs administrations to exchange information and consult the specific cases where required by law. Contact points in the Member States: see here. AEO summary issued certificates issued in EU Member States: see here.

First, evaluate the applicant himself and his system, which has established a means of self-assessment questionnaire, which is an essential part of the application. Applications with the old version of the questionnaire can be submitted in the interim period until 31 December 2010. The applicant can thus reveal their own reserves to approach to get the data truthfully and in accordance with internal regulations and generally accepted. Then should consider the identified reserves and their impact on the performance criteria themselves and only then proceed to make an application. Such a procedure can shorten the time to achieve certification. In addition, the questionnaire must be submitted so. required to annexes to the application, which the current list here. Otherwise, the authorization shall give notice to the applicant for amendment of annexes which are necessary for acceptance of the application.

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) no. 197/2010 Customs Authority has 120 days of receiving a request for a decision on the AEO or reject the application if the applicant before the application itself does not take her back. It is very important to carefully study and apply notes to each other AEO assessment, see here.

For example, when applying for a certificate TYPE F, must reckon with a period of 1-3 months preparatory phase, which concentrate all the necessary documents, data and information as I do with all relevant internal rules and regulations issued by the company. If the applicant holds certification ISO (control or security, etc..) Or TAPA certification and so on. Facilitates the preparatory phase. Significantly contributes to the reduction of the process of assessment and approval of internal and external communication workers involved, which is a prerequisite for the success of the determination of the responsible contact person who will cover the entire project, and within the company and coordinate internal procedures and processes. Anyway, it should be a worker with a high degree of knowledge of the internal environment of the company. We have introduced some of the many factors that affect the final outcome spejúci To pass the assessment process and obtain a certificate for the applicant himself. Obtaining certification is a mark of quality, reliability, and especially indicators that the holder is a secure link in the logistics chain, and thus that the goods for which it is responsible is in the best hands, whether they perform any task within the chain.

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