Representation in proceedings

Represent you without personal involvement, not waste energy and finance, where as you need to equip professionals matters expeditiously and efficiently.

  • put your problems professionals
  • do not waste time and resources,
  • successfully represent you in dealings with the customs authorities and tax authorities,
  • to effectively represent you in dealing with breaches of customs and tax legislation
  • defend your interests and provide you with legal protection.


Protecting the rights of the proper application of customs law

Ensure the correct application of customs and tax regulations, protect you from the adverse consequences of decisions

threaten your business and commercial activities. We know how and when to implement steps to protect your interests and business in an environment that is perfectly oriented.

  • customs and tax legislation,
  • customs procedures and customs clearance, meaning, use, process,
  • rights and obligations of the declarant, and the declarant, administrative and tax proceedings
  • proper exercise of the right of appeal, unsuccessful argument, made in a timely pleadings,
  • elimination of violations of customs and tax regulations to complete the formalities and regulatory compliance.


Solutions to the prohibitions and restrictions

Non-tariff measures, or "prohibitions or restrictions" that hide Barriers often to liquidation of the claims účinkami to carry out foreign trade activities. You know all that threaten your goods and products traded? Can effectively eliminate the adverse effects of the implementation of your business activities? We will help you overcome them and discover all the hidden obstacles to your trading, eliminate negative consequences.

  • identification of restrictions and prohibitions for goods and products,
  • fulfillment of the formalities required for non-tariff measures
  • exhaustively determine the optimization procedures
  • A review of reserves in identifying processes and procedures
  • design solutions with the introduction of their application in practice.


Customs procedures, administrative procedures, reporting

Familiar with their rights and obligations in accordance with customs and tax regulations on trade with countries outside the EU also? We provide you with effective help orient you, arrange the necessary procedural steps in such an appeal or application of your rights. Trust us, we have the solution for you.

  • operations at the start and during the clearance and administrative proceedings,
  • exercise of the rights and proper fulfillment of the obligations
  • timely and correct procedural steps and procedures
  • prevention of violations of customs and tax legislation
  • correct application of the customs and tax legislation in practice.


Electronic communication

With the automation process is being phased electronic communication in all processes and procedures in relation to the state and public administration. We will provide you a complete representation and add all the necessary formalities to enable you to know and communicate with customs and tax authorities electronically in accordance with applicable legislation.

  • power of attorney for acts on behalf of,
  • processing of applications and documents to them,
  • electronic signature and data carrier and qualified certificates
  • enter into a contract with the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic
  • install the required software, test the communication process,
  • We train your staff needed