Customs and Tax Consulting

Provide customs and tax consultancy in the field of customs and excise duties. Within advisory services, we organize seminars, training courses, training for clients. Customs guidance is designed to provide service and support clients in addressing the award relating to system setup logistics in companies where we apply a customs audit and accurately analyze either an existing system or set up the system in the building according to the current needs of the client. Client to provide comprehensive advice and direct representation in proceedings for financial regulatory authorities. A more detailed description can be found in the menu, customs audit.



is part of the implementation of the customs audit, where the result is to obtain AEO certification, the client becomes a reliable partner cleared the customs authorities of Member States of the European Union and in the countries with which the EU has signed agreements on the exchange of information subject to the AEO. Learn more on offer AEO certification.


are the tax advice included as its specific part, as in the Slovak Republic, the competence of the tax before the merger of customs and tax administration in the Financial Administration implemented by the customs administration, ie. The financial report today and the customs section. Tax advice also includes a tax audit, which aims to assess and analyze the system in excise taxes, compliance with established procedures, legislation and countless changes and administrative actions that taxpayers are required to observe and practice apply. It not only reveal the reserve, but recommend measures in order to adjust and optimize the client in order to avoid any losses and violations of the customs and tax legislation.


Customs and Tax realize how direct REPRESENTATION clients in proceedings before the financial regulatory authorities, because we know the environment, legislation, risks associated with the improper application procedures, as well as procedural and time needed for application client's rights in these proceedings. You usually represent a client-based power of attorney, which is linked to the performance specified acts and activities that we provide for them.


are concentrated on goods transport its timely, seamless implementation of customs clearance, compliance with the prescribed formalities, payment of the customs debt and avoid any customs offense of which the client often threaten sanctions mainly due to non-delivery of goods at the customs office of destination his failure to submit, failure to comply with deadlines for delivery in transit or interest for late payment of the customs debt, and so on. Specific rules for the address and determine PROCEDURES and conditions arising from the legislation within a customs-approved urečení use. A special category, which are mainly used by large operators and production companies are SIMPLIFICATIONS the clearance.

Violation of customs and tax legislation

is a solution unpleasant matters. In practice, importers, exporters and traders can not effectively defend, challenge and exercise their rights if their financial regulatory authorities suspect of breaches of customs and tax regulations for import, export and transit of goods. In the customs and tax advice provided in this area directly represented in the proceedings by discussing a subsequent solutions customs offense of which the client is suspected. The primary act of drafting a protocol on suspicion of infringement, then the client reflects the circumstances of the infringement, then the financial regulatory authorities assess the situation, but the whole process is usually found either misconduct or procedural nature, demonstrating the possibility of the client to influence certain factors that may affect the whole procedure. The question is whether the decision is the result of this process is to the benefit or detriment of the client, or a penalty equivalent circumstances, the value and the scope of the infringement and whether the client is ready to defend and effectively in the form of an appeal against an unfavorable decision. Here there is just the biggest mistakes in the process. An appeal is your right that you can use and it is always necessary to consider the sensitive implications of acceptance of bad decisions on the future operation of the client company. Short explanation can also be found in the menu REPRESENTATION or Violation of customs regulations.

Violation of customs regulations

is the solution in two ways, the first is the question of the customs debt, which is dealt with as a priority, as is the assumption that the violation of customs regulations and tax debt was incurred in another way, for example. illegal imports and under. The second issue is to address accountability for violations, which are set out exhaustively customs penalties, respectively. tax regulations.



Consultation for our clients as part of our services in the customs and tax advice. They are not burdened by any tariff alone. Provide consultations for simple cases to the general public free of charge in person, by telephone or by e-mail. Prepdokladá Each consultation but also posktynutie relevant data and documents from the client, depending on the particular event or situation that has occurred. We always recommend our clients to prepare the necessary documentation on the case (documents, electronic messages, record phone calls, etc.).. In addition, it is essential that the client truthfully answer queries of our experts in order to clarify the objective of all material facts so that they can effectively present the client back deal with a particular situation that occurred in the application of customs and tax regulations. If you can not give advice, take the opportunity to reach us via the form ON LINE PLEASE FILL on our site.