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C&D Services provides professional solutions specialized on the customs issue, excise duties, VAT, foreign trade and logistics. You get optimal setting in the EXTRA and INTRA-EU foreign trade and logistics. Customs audit revealed reserves, eliminate risks, set up your logistics system. Get the AEO certificate, eliminate the risks, simplify customs procedures, expedite shipments. The AEO status you get a reliable, secure entity in the supply chain, among the TOP companies in the EU market. Customs legislation is the domain C&D Services. We are an experienced, helpful experts advise and provide solutions. Course declarant, seminars customs and excise duties, INTRASTAT, INCOTERMS 2010 for professional competence and answers in the FAQ section.

Customs and tax consultancy C & D
Customs audit uncovered reserves. C & D Services provide a solution for you. AEO certification eliminates the risk adjusted processes, simplify customs procedures, status guarantees reliable and secure business partner. Customs issues, customs regulations, customs procedures is the domain of C & D Services. Experienced professionals willing to advise, consult, provide a solution. Rate customs broker, customs seminars, workshops for excise taxes, INTRASTAT, Incoterms 2010 and more.Customs and tax consultancy C & D
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 AEO certification by CD Services 

          Get your company AEO type C, S or C+S (F) with professionals, contact us.

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The May seminar "e-Import in legislation and in practice," Kosice and Banska Bystrica

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C & D Services, Ltd. ID: 46450548 undergone strict economic criteria and received the prestigious award in the form of a certified solvency. This award was able to get only 9% of companies in Slovakia that are trusted, reputable, stable and fulfill all their obligations. (Source: Bisnode Slovakia Ltd. and Economic news, 19/02/2015)


Came Customs Tariff 2017

01/11/2016 16:51
The European Commission published in the Official Journal on 28 October 2016 IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2016/1821...

Customs clearance from China

07/10/2016 07:30
Usually it starts with the very mundane, we appear on the Internet in e-shop something for a great price. People are...

Application VAT

04/10/2016 06:47
The Financial Administration Slovak republic published 3rd October 2016 guidance on case of application of value added...

What news in TTIP?

30/08/2016 16:01
Conclusion of the 14th TTIP Negotiation Round 15 July 2016 Statement by Ignacio García Bercero EU Chief Negotiator for...

ACP agreement for a new

12/07/2016 15:13
REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) 2016/1076 of 8 June 2016 applying the arrangements for...

Countervailing duty in the EU

06/07/2016 20:00
Union established by 07.01.2016 in accordance with the rules of the GATT Agreement on subsidized goods that are...

Anti-dumping duty in EU

06/07/2016 19:56
The Union adopted a codified version of the regulation on the introduction of anti-dumping duty on import of goods from...

Suspending the autonomous customs duties

06/07/2016 19:54
Suspending the autonomous Common Customs Tariff duties on certain agricultural and industrial products ktopré defined...


AEO / local taxes: one Union + one rules = differential treatment?

19/06/2016 19:35
    A definition of customs legislation is included in Article 5 (2) UCC. "Taxation rules" is to...

AEO slovak way

05/06/2016 11:53
See below for English translation of the text in Slovak.  Okrem iných vyžaduje Colný úrad Žilina ako jednu z povinných...

Slovak e-Import (SeI)

14/04/2016 18:31
See below for English translation of the text in Slovak.  Nezadržateľne sa blíži magický dátum na ktorý sú upreté...

New Union Customs Code and the implementing rules

13/10/2015 08:32
See below for English translation of the text in Slovak.  Nový Colný kódex Únie nadobudol účinnosť 1. novembra 2013 po...
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